uStepper Robot Arm 4 Full Kit

VAT excluded

The uStepper Robot Arm 4 with everything you need to get your personal helper!

For full details have a look at the assembly manual HERE

  • uStepper Robot Arm 4 kit with all items listed in the assembly manual BOM
  • 3 x uStepper S premium with DC-jack (with NEMA 17 motors)
  • 3 x Permanent mount
  • 3 x uStepper Robot Shield
  • WiFi module
  • JST cables connecting the 3 boards
  • 19 V 3.9 A Power supply
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This is the full kit of the uStepper Robot Arm Rev 4. The kit includes all but tools for assembly. We are developing a dedicated robot library supporting the uStepper Robot Shields and the Robot Arm itself - making it easy for you to set it up and get going! - while still being hackable since it is the Arduino based uStepper boards running the robot!

On the Robot Shield you will find connectivity with power distribution from a master unit (the center stepper) to the two slave units, as well as support for the coming vacuum suction cup actuator kit with vacuum pump and valve to add yet a dimension to your robot helper!

Robot Shield

  • Bus between uSteppers
  • Power distribution from Master to Slaves
  • Single connection with JST from Master to Slave
  • Support for WiFi module
  • Support for Vacuum pump and valve
  • Support for gripper servo

Closed loop position control

The uStepper S controllers gives you smooth operation with it's Trinamic stepper driver and possibility for closed loop position control with it's on-board 16-bit absolute encoder! Get power and precision that easily outperforms cheap hobby-servo based robots!

Robot web-app control

A web-app stored on the Wifi module allows you to easily control the robot from your desktop or mobile device! It includes manual control as well as teach-mode where you can record and playback trajectories !



Robot Arm 4 Complete

Download (7.61M)

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